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Ring One: Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment

Ring One: Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment

Thursday, October 1, 2020  |  9:00 AM Eastern
to bid until the live auction begins!
Ring One: Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment

Ring One: Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment

Thursday, October 1, 2020  |  9:00 AM Eastern
to bid until the live auction begins!
Internet Premium: 12%
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Excavators, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers, Track Loaders, Backhoes, Motor Graders, Forklifts, Rollers, Trailers, Tractors, Attachments, & More!
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Special Terms Of Sale

Lot # 1 (Sale Order: 1 of 268)      

1) There is a 2% Internet Purchase Fee and Quarrick Equipment & Auctions charges 10% on the first $2,500 and 1% on the balance, with a maximum charge of $1,000 per item. ...moreFailure to make payment in full to the Auctioneer will result in a Penalty charge of 25% of the sale price plus all buyer fees and internet purchase fee. 2) Applicable State of PA Sales Tax will be charged on all Lots unless you are exempt from Sales Tax and you provide tax exemption form and exception certificates that are acceptable to the State of PA. 3) Payment in full must be made by October 6, 2020 in the form Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashier's Check or a Company Check accompanied with a bank letter of guarantee. Failure to arrange payment by this date will place you on our Delinquent Payers List on our Home Page. 4) All purchases must be removed from the premises by October 15, 2020. 5) Bidders are to be held personally liable for any bids made with their Bidding Number. 6) The highest bidder for each Lot shall be the Purchaser, and in the event of any dispute the Auctioneers shall have absolute discretion either to settle such dispute or to re-offer the lot for re-sale. 7) The Auctioneer and Proxibid accept no liability for loss or damage howsoever arising from any Lots not presented for sale. 8) The Auctioneer and Proxibid have described the Lot(s) in the catalog to the best of their ability and belief from information furnished by the Vendor(s) who shall be alone responsible for any error or miss-statement, which there may be. The Auctioneer and Proxibid undertake no liability whatever in respect of any faults, deficiencies and errors of any description, oral or printed, nor do they accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, origin, age, condition or quality of any Lot(s) and all statements as to these matters whether contained in the catalog or made orally are statements of opinion only and not to be taken as being or implying a statement or representation of fact 9) Each and every Lot is sold 'as is, where is'. The Auctioneer and Proxibid provide no guarantees or warranties (express or implied) in respect of the Equipment contained in the Lot. All representations made by the Auctioneer and Proxibid, its servants or agents are to be considered lay opinions only and the Auctioneer and Proxibid accept no liability for any purchase made by a Buyer in reliance upon them. 10) The Buyer agrees to insure the Equipment purchased against all losses from the Auction Date until removal of the Equipment by the Buyer. 11) The Buyer acknowledges he/she has read and agrees to be bound by the additional terms and conditions set forth. 12) ONLINE TERMS: By bidding and/or buying in the auction it is acknowledged that bidder/buyer has read and fully understands all terms and conditions as accepted when registering for auction and being approved to bid. ALL items are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS!! Quarrick Equipment & Auctions, Inc., however, sells certain rolling stock items (machines with drive train) with a ride and drive option. The following are terms outlining the exercising of the ride and drive option: Ride and drive constitutes an operational engine, drive train, hydraulic functions. Ride and drive does not cover: wear of any type, oil leaks, batteries, tires, tracks, under carriage, cosmetic damage, electrical system, etc.. If an issue arises with an item, buyer must notify auction management, on premise, immediately, at which time auction management and buyer will inspect item together for verification of issue. Issue must be agreed upon by both parties. Online bidders must exercise ride and drive option at auction facility by the end of business on the Monday following the auction (2 business days). Online bidder’s not exercising ride and drive at the auction facility before taking possession of items purchased forfeit the right to the ride and drive option, NO EXCEPTIONS. The catalog is to be used as a guide only, bidders are responsible to do their own research and due diligence before bidding. Information is taken from sources deemed to be reliable. Catalog has been prepared by humans, thus human error is always a possibility but never intentional. When available, serial number plates and hour meter/odometer pictures are provided for research purposes of potential online bidder’s. Year models stated are obtained from a 3rd party source deemed to be reliable and have not been verified by manufacturer, it is the sole responsibility of the potential bidder/buyer to verify year model through manufacturer before bidding. It is buyer’s responsibility to do their own research on machine specifications, options, etc. as to the suitability of a particular machine for their application. Buying a machine that is not suitable for your application is not grounds for negating a transaction. Oral statements made the day of auction take precedence over printed material.

Updated Catalogs will be loaded daily until the final sale order is set. Please check often.

Lot # 2 (Sale Order: 2 of 268)      

Updated Catalogs will be loaded daily until the final sale order is set. Please check often. The items of your interest may change in the order of sale! Thank You...more


Lot # 3 (Sale Order: 3 of 268)      


12 John Deere 135D Excavator (QEA 8040)

Lot # 8040 (Sale Order: 5 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, zero tail swing SN: 1FF135DXPCD303076...more

15 Caterpillar 308E2 CR Excavator (QEA 8042)

Lot # 8042 (Sale Order: 6 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, q/c, hyd thumb, blade SN: CAT0308EEFJX01979...more

18 LinkBelt 210x4 Excavator (QEA 7979)

Lot # 7979 (Sale Order: 7 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, hyd thumb SN: HEX1321...more

Kobelco SK70R Excavator (QEA 7961)

Lot # 7961 (Sale Order: 8 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, blade SN: YT00994...more

12 John Deere 160GLC Excavator (QEA 7734)

Lot # 7734 (Sale Order: 9 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, 24in pads SN: 1FF160GXTCE055104...more

13 John Deere 135G Excavator (QEA 7721)

Lot # 7721 (Sale Order: 10 of 268)      

cab, air, blade, hyd thumb, 3rd valve, 28 inch pads SN: 1FF135GXLCE400129...more

12 John Deere 85D Excavator (QEA 7705)

Lot # 7705 (Sale Order: 11 of 268)      

cab, air, blade, swing boom SN: 1FF085DXTCG016749...more

11 Caterpillar 329DL Excavator (QEA 7551)

Lot # 7551 (Sale Order: 12 of 268)      

cab, heat, air, 60ft long reach stick and boom arrangement SN: WLT00321...more

11 Komatsu PC210LC-8 Excavator (QEA 7304)

Lot # 7304 (Sale Order: 13 of 268)      

cab, heat, air, 3rd valve, q-c SN: K53977...more

06 Takeuchi TB1140 Excavator (QEA 7331)

Lot # 7331 (Sale Order: 14 of 268)      

cab, heat, air, 3rd valve, q/c, swing boom, blade SN: 51400695...more

17 Kubota U25R1T4 Excavator (QEA 7695)

Lot # 7695 (Sale Order: 15 of 268)      

orops, blade, 3rd valve, rubber tracks, q/c, hyd thumb SN: 52047...more

12 Caterpillar 320EL Excavator (QEA 7856)

Lot # 7856 (Sale Order: 16 of 268)      

cab, air, mechanical thumb SN: WBK00484...more

06 Komatsu PC78MR-6 Excavator (QEA 7905)

Lot # 7905 (Sale Order: 17 of 268)      

cab, air, swing boom, 3rd valve, q/c, hyd thumb SN: 1774...more

07 Linkbelt 75 Excavator (QEA 7958)

Lot # 7958 (Sale Order: 19 of 268)      

cab, air, offsetable boom, blade SN: EAAJ7-2808...more

Volvo EC140CL Excavator (QEA 8231)

Lot # 8231 (Sale Order: 21 of 268)      

cab, heat, air, 3rd valve, q/c, blade SN: VCEC140CT00110217...more

14 Bobcat E35 Excavator (QEA 8307)

Lot # 8307 (Sale Order: 22 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, q/c, hyd thumb, blade, rubber track SN: AUYM11694...more

17 Bobcat E50 Excavator (QEA 8311)

Lot # 8311 (Sale Order: 23 of 268)      

cab, air, 3rd valve, power q/c, hyd thumb, rubber track, blade SN: AJ1813659...more

09 Kubota U45 Excavator (QEA 8316)

Lot # 8316 (Sale Order: 24 of 268)      

orops, 3rd valve, angle blade, q/c, hyd thumb, rubber track SN: 70212...more

14 John Deere 210G LC Excavator (QEA 8318)

Lot # 8318 (Sale Order: 25 of 268)      

cab, air, woods guard package, 3rd valve, aux hyd outlet, Rotobec joystick control, single bar grouser SN: 1FF210GXHDE521744...more
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